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Live. Breathe. Paddle.


Welcome to the Paddle4Ever website! I hope these pages will entertain, enlighten and most of all, INSPIRE you to get out on the water, regardless of your age, your gender, your fitness level, or the boat you paddle. 


If you are new to the sport, I hope you will allow me to share my passion and expertise with you. If you have been paddling for a while but need to brush up on a few things, let’s get out on the H2O together. And if you are a seasoned paddler with specific needs, I hope we can learn from each other!


For information on the kayak instruction, fitness paddling programs and paddling tours I offer click here.


You can email me directly at or call me at 406.249.8086.


Thank you for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the water!

About Paddle 4 Ever
Paddle 4 Ever
About Me
A Little About Me

Kayaking is my PASSION.

It suits my body type, my personality, my interests, my energy level, my soul. Paddling brings out the best in me and challenges me to be better. Kayaking is a multi-layered activity and my favorite aspect is long distance expedition paddling. In the summer of 2010 I completed a long-time goal of paddling the Inside Passage from Anacortes, Washington to Juneau, Alaska. It changed my life—profoundly. I’ve been involved in the paddlesports industry for over 20 years and I’ve worked hard to develop and maintain my skills. I became an ACA-certified sea kayak instructor in 2001 and currently hold an Open Water Coastal certification (Level 4).


I am also a nationally certified personal fitness trainer, through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. (AFAA) I pursued this certification specifically to develop, implement and teach an effective, individualized exercise program assisting clients in achieving their personal fitness and wellness goals as they relate to kayaking. It is my desire to share this unique combination of skills and experience with others. It’s my goal to make a difference in the sport of kayaking by providing people with the tools to empower themselves. I look forward to seeing you on the water!


HAVE PADDLE, WILL TRAVEL. I live on the Snohomish/Skagit County line, deep in the mountains. I am so lucky because within minutes I can be floating on any number of beautiful mountain lakes or on the Puget Sound. One of my favorite saltwater spots is the north end of Camano Island. I can conduct my lessons on any number of waterways between Seattle and Bellingham. I will come to you! Or I can offer suggestions of where we can rendezvous that will be convenient and appropriate for both of us.

Click here to read the story about my Inside Passage Expedition.


And HERE to visit my author’s website, featuring my memoir INSIDE: One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage.

Inside Passage Expedition Gear List

Click here for information on the instruction, tours and fitness programs I offer.



My favorite links

Intro to Kayaking


Looking to get your feet wet and see if kayaking is for you? Then sign up for a fun and informational three-hour adventure! This laid-back workshop offers the best of both worlds; on-land and on-water instruction combined with a mini-tour of local waters.

Designed for beginners with recreational or touring kayaks, this course covers basics such as equipment and terminology, proper cockpit entries and exits, basic strokes, safety, and other fundamentals. (To gain more skills, I recommend signing up for the Kayaking 101 Wet Class.)

3 Hours

$110- With your own equipment

$135-Using my equipment

(Add $20 for private lessons)

Flexible time and dates-call to schedule

Location: Flexible. Directions will be provided upon registration.

Girl Kayaking

Kayaking 101


Ready to think outside the boat? Then let's have fun and GET WET! Knowing how to deal with an unexpected capsize is fundamental to a kayaker's safety. This is a very thorough, comprehensive, and interactive course, so plan on learning lots and getting wet! We'll spend a fair amount of time on making your strokes and maneuvers in the kayak smooth, effortless, and fluid. Grace and style on the H20- that's our goal! An efficient forward stroke, turning strokes, braces, and moving the boat laterally will all be covered. The last hour will be spent in and out of the water as we practice getting back in the kayak after that "out of boat experience"!

Wetsuits or drysuits highly recommended!

3 1/2 Hours

TIME: 1-4:30 PM

$135- With your own equipment

$160- Using my equipment

(Add $20 for private lessons)

Flexible dates- call to schedule

Location: Flexible. Directions will be provided upon registration

Kids Kayaking

Eskimo Rolling Clinic

Kayaking 101

I only teach the roll 1 on 1- you can't beat that instructor-to-student ratio to learn the art of putting the upside-down world of kayaking right-side up!

With hip snap drills, braces, body and paddle movements, we'll break down the components of the roll. WETSUIT AND/OR DRYTOP HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

2 Hours

$115- With your own equipment, includes loaner video

$140- Using my equipment, includes loaner video

Flexible times and dates-call to schedule

Location: Flexible. Directions will be provided upon registration.

Note: the roll is usually not mastered in a single session. If you schedule a follow-up class within one week of your first class, I will only charge you $50 for the second class!

Pool sessions: I can also offer a private pool lesson. Learn in the comfort of a heated pool!

What My Clients Think

Susan Conrad is the magic behind any good learning journey. She is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to the sport. From the first meeting I knew I was in excellent hands. She introduced me to ideas and concepts that I would never have discovered on my own and provided reasoning and explanations behind her time proven practices. I have found success on the water reflecting her approach and way of thinking. I eagerly looked forward to each lesson and found my mind replaying the lesson for days afterwards. She covered equipment, safety, kayak set up and posture, dry entry, wet exit, self rescue, group rescue, paddle strokes, bracing, and the infamous kayak roll. Susan was able to evaluate my abilities and progress, offer demonstrations, and break concepts down into small easily digestible steps. My level of personal safety has increased and I have a much broader vision of kayaking. Whether starting as a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned veteran, I am convinced that Susan can play a key role in getting you started, help you brush up, or find the next level. 


Tim Cameron, British Columbia

I cannot imagine having a more genuinely caring, amazingly experienced, technically precise, and downright fun instructor than Susan.


former student from the Community Boating Center, Bellingham, WA

I joined Susan on a 5 day saltwater adventure in British Columbia in September 2007. It was an exciting adventure, very memorable and invigorating. It was obvious to me that Susan had previously and thoroughly checked everything out with an emphasis on safety - especially important to me since I am a beginning kayaker! The opportunity was there to learn and push myself and experience the thrill of being out where I would not be comfortable going alone.

Ann Jeremiassen, Olney, Montana


“Believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. Your passion should be your path and your path should be your passion.”

Rosita Arvigo

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